Purpose Trilogy$141

Passport to Purpose, Boundaries With Purpose,
and Purpose Finder Lab work together to help you deep dive into YOU so you can find your new purpose, your next big thing, or your next step in life.

1. Passport to Purpose: This is where you learn to reconnect with YOU. Passport to Purpose prepares you to do the deep dive work of looking at your life, listing out your strengths, weaknesses, and dreams, and using them to prepare yourself to create the purposeful life you didn't realize was possible.

2. Boundaries With Purpose: This is where you learn to set boundaries in a loving way to protect your time and space. You need to be able to carve out "Me Time" to explore the options you uncover, so you can make the best choice. (Plus, who doesn't need me time?!)

3. Purpose Finder Lab: If you want to explore your potential and test your ideas, The Lab is what you need. This is a safe space where you are given the tools you need to reassess yourself. It's where you're provided with the guidance to dive deeper into self-discovery, visualize your future, and test the ideas you have BEFORE acting on them. This is critical! Where else do you have the opportunity to learn how to test ideas and eliminate failure?

What's next for you?

Not sure?

Finding your purpose requires a deep dive into YOU.

Because you can't make meaningful changes without first examining what's working and what's not.

This is the most commonly overlooked step - and arguably the most important.

By going all in and purchasing the trilogy, you’re setting yourself up beautifully to do the important work involved in your self-discovery journey.  

I created this as a three-phase system for a reason: Each step builds upon the last. 

Sure, you can purchase any of the phases separately, but I believe strongly that your results will be ten times better if you follow all three phases in the recommended order:

  • First: Passport to Purpose
  • Second: Boundaries With Purpose
  • Third: Purpose Finder Lab

If, for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with the results you’re able to achieve by following the Passport to Purpose system, all you have to do is show me that you’ve done the work, and your payment will be refunded to you in full.

NOTE: All refund requests must be made within 30-days of purchase.

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Purpose Trilogy$141